Are your services and projects free?

We do not currently charge for our services. There may occasionally be a small contribution towards certain activities and expenses.

I want to speak to someone now about my mental health issues…

You can call us for information during office hours or if someone is in need of urgent help call NHS 24 hour Mental Health Direct on 0300 555 1000.

If you, or someone else you are with are in an emergency or crisis, always ring 999.

Can I self-refer to your services? Or must I go through my GP?

Our ‘Live a better life’ and Carer’s projects accept self-referrals, although it may be beneficial to visit your GP for additional support.

I do not know who my GP is!

Go on the NHS website to find out about local GPs:


I am having trouble with downloading something from your website.

Please telephone our information line on 01708 457040, or e-mail [email protected]

If I contact you, will you pass my details onto anybody / other organisations?

We take your confidentiality very seriously.  We will not discuss your case or circumstances with anybody else, except in very rare situations where we feel you, or someone else, might be vulnerable or in immediate danger.

I work at a local school/business. Would it be possible for a member of your staff to come in and give a speech/presentation to our students/staff?

We are keen to connect as much as we can with local schools and businesses and when possible we always try to meet requests such as this. However as it involves our staff leaving their normal working activities, we do have to ask for a fee for such requests.

I would like to get involved in fundraising on behalf of Havering Mind, how can I do this?

That is great that you would like to raise money for us! Please see the fundraising section of our website for more ideas and information.

Do you offer training?

We offer a range of training opportunities.  Please note there is a charge for some of our courses please contact 01708 457040 or email [email protected]for details.


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