The Dads In Mind project has been developed to aid fathers in the early stages of parenting, focusing on those with a child between 0- 3 years old. For parents, this is known as the perinatal stage. The support is inclusive to all dads/fathers, dads with current or previous low to moderate mental health needs, or maybe experiencing some difficulties in their relationships.

We understand the unique challenges and emotions. We understand the complexities. Dads In Mind can offer tailored support, and we are here to help dads navigate this journey.

We will help to clear up the stigmas that surround dads, their roles and responsibilities and help them understand and manage the expectations. We can help to empower dads by giving them tools to understand their own mental health, and techniques to use to help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

What We Offer

Practical support including one-to-one, online and in person groups. We aim to help dads not to feel so pressured or overwhelmed from the issues that surround perinatal mental health; and provide advice to help with parenting. We offer a safe space where dads are able to talk about their fears, issues that they are facing and then find simple and practical ways to help them navigate through these situations.

Want To Know More

Get in touch with Andre – he’s waiting to hear from you.

Email: [email protected] or call/text 07933 976210 if you have any questions or  need more information.